Zarathustra Fanfare- Trumpet Quartet

Instrumentation- Four trumpets
Composer- Strauss
Length- 1:06
Difficulty- E
Range – Low G to high C
Endurance- 1
Finger technique- 1
Counting ability- 1
Ensemble difficulty- 1

This is a great, recognizable opener for anything from a wedding to the Olympics.

Listen to the sample Zarathustra Fanfare
View 1st trumpet part Zarathustra Fanfare

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2 Comments on "Zarathustra Fanfare- Trumpet Quartet"

  • Leslie Wolf

    Is it possible to listen to the Fanfares before purchase? When I click on the “Listen to the sample”, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

  • Bruce Chidester

    I just checked and it is working.
    Be sure that your pointer has changed to a hand for only the right side of the “Listen to” will play the example.

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