He Lives (trumpet solo/duet/trio/quartet or three descants- with organ)

Instrumentation- Solo/Duet/Trio/Quartet or Melody and three Decants with Organ
Composer- Ackley/arr.Chidester
Length- Depends on number of verses used
Difficulty- ME
Range – Easy
Endurance- 2
Finger technique- 2
Counting ability- 2
Ensemble difficulty- 2

I have played a lot of Easter Services and one thing is usually true; most organists don’t know what to do with the brass players unless the arrangement has been written out. Most often we hear this, “I want you to play along on the hymns”. That doesn’t give you much to work on for in order to play along with the hymns, you will have to transpose the top line of the organ part. Although this is expected of trumpet players, it sometimes is a problem with younger players. Then we might be asked to play an obbligato part which will stop most players. Most Easters also include one, two and sometimes three trumpet players who most often have to sit around doing nothing or doubling on the first part.

The days of unorganized confusion in the choir loft are finally over.

This arrangement includes the following possibilities-

1. Transposed hymn melody for trumpet solo.
2. Transposed parts for a trumpet duet/ trio and/or quartet.
3. Transposed melody for one trumpet and choice of three additional descants.

Start collecting these descant arrangements and be a hero to every organist you run into.

Listen to this sample- He Lives

The introduction has all the parts recorded just as the final optional tag ending. The first verse has all four parts playing at the same time and the second verse has onlt the melody and the first descant playing. You can mix an match any combination you want and it will sound good.

View first page of score- First page of score

son-trumpet-ensemble/”>Branson Trumpet Ensemble

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2 Comments on "He Lives (trumpet solo/duet/trio/quartet or three descants- with organ)"

  • David Gehman

    Just submitted payment for He Lives …how do I received the music?

  • Bruce Chidester

    I received your request at 4:15 and sent it out at 4:30 so you should have it by now.
    Let me know if there is any problem and thank you for your support.

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