Theme from the Jetsons- Trumpet Quartet /w Bass

Instrumentation- Trumpet Quartet /w Bass
Composer- Hanna-Barber/ trans.Chidester
Length- 1:19
Difficulty- D
Range – MD
Endurance- M
Finger technique- 3+
Counting ability- 3+
Ensemble difficulty- 3+

Due to the unusual nature of the beast, I resorted to using an existing midi file for most of this arrangement. The bass part is literally from that midi file and only a few changes needed to be made on the other parts. This will require some rehearsing for each part is separate and the melodic lines are constantly changing keys. The sixteenth note passages have been altered slightly for more “playability” for the trumpets. The trumpet parts are playable with practice as well as the bass part.
If you are looking for an unmatchable opener or encore, this is it.

This was requested from one of our followers. I seldom turn down a challenge.

Listen to sample- Theme from the Jetsons

View first page of score- Theme from the Jetsons- First page of Score

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