Still Time for the Fourth of July…!

Below are trumpet arrangements which you may be able to use for your Fourth of July celebration….

God Bless the USA– Trumpet Solo/Duet or Trio

America the Beautiful & God Bless America– Trumpet Duet

5 Easy Patriotic Songs– Trumpet Trio

Three Days Till Freedom – Day 1(Servitude) for Trumpet Sextet

Star Spangled Banner– Trumpet Quartet

The Ultimate Patriotic Solo-Duet-Trio “The Star Spangled Banner/ America the Beautiful”– Trumpet solo/duet/trio/ w Piano

Under The Double Eagle– Brass Quintet (Tpts.1-2,Horn,Tbn.,Tuba)

Coming To America– Trumpet Choir (Tpts. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8)

Battle Hymn of the Republic– Brass Quintet

Memorial Day Solute– Brass Quartet (Tpts. 1, 2 / Tbns. 1, 2)

Onward, Christian Soldiers– Two Trumpets and Organ

The Washington Post– Trumpet Quartet

Star Spangled Banner for Brass Quintet

Oh Shenandoah– Trumpet Quartet

Star Spangled Banner– Trumpet Quartet

The Stars and Stripes Forever– Trumpet Duet

You’re A Grand Old Flag-(Trumpet Duet)

Battle Hymn Of The Republic– Trumpet Solo/Duet/Trio w/Piano-Organ Track

God Bless America– Trumpet Choir (8 trumpets)

5 Patriotic Duets

Yankee Doodle Variations for Trumpet Trio

Returning Home With Honor– Trumpet Quartet

This Is My Country– Trumpet Quartet

God Bless America– Trumpet Quartet

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