Returning Home With Honor- Trumpet Choir (8 tpts)

Composer- Chidester
Difficulty- M
Length- 3:46
Range- Low G to high C
Endurance- M
Finger technique- M
Counting ability- M

This was originally written for the Branson Trumpet Ensemble and always brought the house down. In my opinion, this is the most patriotic tune I am aware of. When it was first performed, several members of the audience began to tear up. That will tell you how powerful it is.

The trumpet choir is slightly different than the quartet version because I had more to work with and added a few background parts, doubled the melody in a couple spots and rewrote a few measures for effect.

Listen sample here- Returning Home With Honor- Trumpet Choir

View first page of score- Returning Home With Honor- Trumpet Choir- First page of score

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