12 Mozart Duets for 2 Tumpet

Instrumentation- Trumpet duet
Composer- Mozart
Length- Average 2:30 each duet
Difficulty- E for the second player and M/D for the first part player
Range – Low G to high C
Endurance- 3-4
Finger technique- 3-4
Counting ability- 3
Ensemble difficulty- 3

This is a collection of 12 duets originally written for horns but with a little fine tuning, the trumpets work even better. The only changes were made to the notes below the usual range of the trumpet and a few notes were changed to make the piece sound better for the trumpets. I hope old W.A. doesn’t mind, or any of you horn purists’. The example was recorded without the repeats. Most of the work is in the first part.

Listen to the sample 12 Trumpet Duets #6
View 1st trumpet part 12 Trumpet Duets #6