Trouis Blues- Trumpet Trio (Jazz)

Composer- Chidester

Length- 3:42- 5:00 depending on tempo

Difficulty- M

Range-  M

Endurance- M

Finger technique- M

Counting ability- M+

Ensemble difficulty- M+


I usually have a limited amount of time to do originals and when I do, I enjoy it immensely!

This is a Jazz trio which features each player equally within three distinct sections. Every note is written out for you improvisationally challenged individuals.

Each of the three sections has its own tempo and as the piece progresses, the tempo picks up until the end is cookin’.

Every Jazz articulation and dynamic has been included to give even the most challenges Jazzer the feeling of swinging.

For educators, this would be a great piece to get your trumpet section playing together on a piece.

This is a great FUN piece to play!


Listen to example here-


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