Trio #1 by Handel- Trumpet Trio w/Piano

Instrumentation- Trumpet Trio with piano
Composer- Handel/trans.Chidester
Length- 5:00
Difficulty- VD
Range – Low A to high Bb
Endurance- 3
Finger technique- 3
Counting ability- 3
Ensemble difficulty- 3

Originally written for two Sopranos and a Bass, this has beautiful vocal lines which lay well for the trumpets. It is in three movements and would work very well for a college senior recital or any other special concert. This will require three strong players. Although the range is not that high there are long phrases between breaks. This could also be performed without the piano for the three parts are strong enough on their own. Please note price, for this arrangement required add time and effort to make available.

Listen to sample- Trio #1 by Handel
View the score- Trio #1 first page of score