Three Days Till Freedom – Day 2 (Conflict) for Trumpet Sextet

I seldom have the time to write original material so when that opportunity does come around, I jump at the chance. All these different notes to work with is like a kid entering a candy store; everything looks great and it is fun trying to see how all these notes can come together. The process is truly amazing when you think about the number of possibilities at one’s disposal.

This piece is entitled Day 2- Conflict and has several sections which represent the conflict during the American Civil War. Throughout this movement are many songs from each side of the North/ South division.  At several point in the music I have three melodies playing at the same time. As dissonance is added and the tempo accelerates, the last battle is fought and taps is heard at the same time as the Dixie and the Yellow Rose of Texas. The movement ends with taps and an echo taps played off stage for effect. One effect I wrote in is the simulated sound of cannons going off in the distance and echoing through a valley. Throughout the piece are bugle calls from both sides. An additional effect towards the end is the playing of two different melodies as another melody is played in augmentation.


Listen to example-