Think (Freedom)- Trumpet Choir (Tpt. 1-8)w/ Bass

Composer- Franklin- White/  Original Sequencer Unknown/arr.Chidester

Length- 4:05

Difficulty- MD

Range- MD

Endurance- M

Finger technique- M

Counting ability- MD

Ensemble difficulty- MD


I ran across a wonderful and “very accurate” midi record copy from the original recording by Aretha Franklin. Unfortunately the original sequencer’s name was not listed or I would have given credit to this patient and meticulous sequencer. The original midi file included only the Bass, Guitar, Vocal and Piano parts from which I drew my inspiration.

This arrangement features the first trumpet player and every note was precisely notated as Aretha had recorded it as was the Bass part.

A large section at the end was left open for soloing by the Trumpet 1 player and chords have been included.

I would consider this to be a one of a kind arrangement and should be in every trumpet choir’s library.

To be honest, I sweated bullets to get this one printed for the amount of material and the precise notations by the sequencer where very time consuming and as I finally finish this (the most time consuming arrangement I have ever tackled) I will now be going upstairs to indulge myself in a half glass of wine. “I don’t care if it is noon”!



Listen to the example-


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