The Ultimate Patriotic Solo-Duet-Trio “The Star Spangled Banner/ America the Beautiful”- Trumpet solo/duet/trio/ w Piano

The Ultimate PatrioticComposer- Key/ Bates- arr.Chidester

Length- 4:35

Difficulty- ME

Range- ME

Endurance- ME

Finger technique- ME

Counting ability- ME

Ensemble difficulty- ME


This is the forty-sixth in a series of arrangements composed/arr./trans. for use in Solo/Ensemble contests and will help fill the need for new material for competing middle school and high school players. Each of these ensembles are selected to show the very best qualities of your ensemble and through careful editing, each has a professional sound with only an average playing ability.

The Star Spangled Banner and America the Beautiful are the two most popular patriotic songs in America. What better way to treat your listeners to a patriotic Fourth of July than to present this great arrangement. Yes I would consider this a great arrangement, even if I did it myself. It has everything in it.

This is not an arrangement for your sing along crowd for the melody changes throughout from one song to the other. At times I have both songs being presented at the same time, even though one is in 4/4 time and the other in ¾ time.

Modestly, I would put this up with the best arrangements for several reasons. The equal importance of the piano is one such feature. Throughout this arrangement everyone gets a shot at the melody.

As stated in the title, this works as a solo, duet or trio equally well.

Listen to the solo example-


Listen to the duet example-


Listen to the trio example-


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