The Phantom of the Opera & The Music of the Night- Solo/Duet/Trio for any Treble Clef Instruments

Instrumentation- Solo/Duet/Trio
Composer- Webber/arr.Chidester
Length- 3:20
Difficulty- E+
Range – Low A to high Ab
Endurance- 2
Finger technique- 2
Counting ability- 2
Ensemble difficulty- 2

Includes complete parts for Solo/Duet/Trio
-The Phantom of the Opera-
-The Music of the Night-

I have had several requests for show tunes but I wanted to do something different and unique which could be used by young students and would also be handy for band directors needing a versatile ensemble arrangement. This is written to be used as a solo, a duet or a trio for any treble clef instruments. You can use the same instruments as in the case of the recording with three trumpets or you could also use clarinets, saxophones, violins, flutes, etc. You could even mix and match instruments i.e. trumpet and two tenor saxophones.

The solo is a stand alone solo. The duet switches parts between the two players to save chops and give both players a chance to shine. The third part can be added to give the group a bigger sound and involve an additional player. For teachers who want something fun to play in lessons, this concept will work well for no matter how many players you have in the band room, you will be able to put something together at any time. For the younger player, you will be able to call up your friends to play something interesting and recognizable together.

Listen to sample- The Phantom of the Opera
View the score- The Phantom of the Opera first page of score