Suite #1- 3 Movement Duet by John Jenkins

Composer- John Jenkins/trans.Chidester
Difficulty- M
Length- 5:02
Range- Low F# to B just above staff
Endurance- MD
Finger technique- ME
Counting ability- ME
Ensemble difficulty- ME

I recently discovered this composer and will doing subsequent transcriptions of his work. His ability to construct two independent lines is very impressive and for a recital performance they would be great and for sight reading for the more advanced players (High School/ College) they would be perfect. This is wonderful material for improving sight reading, intonation and breathing skills.

Individual parts are not necessary for both players should read off the same score in order to better fit both parts together.

Listen sample here- Suite #1- Duet by Jenkins

View First page of score- Suite #1 – Duet by Jenkins First page of score