Piece of Cake March- Brass Quintet (2tpts, horn, tbn, tuba)

Composer- Chidester

Length- 2:24

Difficulty- VE

Range- VE

Endurance- VE

Finger technique- VE

Counting ability- VE

Ensemble difficulty- VE


A good friend asked me to write an original piece for his middle school brass quintet and I accepted the challenge. This march is as easy as I can get and still have the high interest I wanted. The two trumpet parts alternate throughout the piece in order to save some chops. The range of each part is easy as well as the note values.

If you have a young ensemble looking for an effective arrangement that your kids will enjoy, this is the one.

I hope most of you understand the title. In jazz circles the term “a piece of cake” refers to any music which is very easy to play.


Listen to the example-


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