Minnie The Moocher- Full Dixieland band (Tenor/Tpt/Trb/Dr/Gtr/Bass/Piano/Vocal)

Instrumentation- Dixieland band (Tenor/Tpt/Trb/Dr/Gtr/Bass/Piano/Vocal)

Composer-Cab Calloway/trans.Chidester

Length- 3:13

Difficulty- ME

Range – ME

Endurance- ME

Finger technique- ME

Counting ability- ME

Ensemble difficulty- ME

This well know and loved tune has been performed in many settings. For most of us we enjoyed the Blues Brother’s film which featured this number. The call and response in the middle is a classic exchange and the band vocals are included along with the solo part. The plunger work for the trumpet player is great writing.

Listen to sample-