Memorial Day Solute- Brass Quartet (Tpts. 1, 2 / Tbns. 1, 2)

Composer- arr.Chidester

Length- 6:40

Difficulty- MD

Range-  M to D (optional high notes at the end)

Endurance- M

Finger technique-  M

Counting ability- M

Ensemble difficulty- M


We have had a few requests for a Memorial Day Solute for a brass quartet so here it is. We also offer a trumpet quartet arrangement of this with many of the same notes.

These arrangements contain all of the services for those who want to cover every area of the armed forces. You can also pick and choose which ones you want to feature by just leaving out the ones you do not need to feature or if time is of the essence.

Services represented in this order- Coast Guard, Air Force, Navy, Marine, Army , Air Corps, Submariners, Seabees and concludes with America.

Each instrument is featured in one or more sections to keep everyone happy.


Listen to the example-


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