March from Nutcracker Suite- Trumpet Choir (tpts. 1-8)

Composer- Tchaikovsky/Trans.Chidester

Length- 2:46

Difficulty- M-VD

Range- M

Endurance- M

Finger technique- M-VD

Counting ability- M

Ensemble difficulty- M-VD


This was transcribed from a published score and the only changes made were done to make it more playable by the trumpets. Some of the very difficult string runs were simplified as was some other impractical parts.

The double tonguing might be a problem for some players and for that reason I included one eighth not for each sixteenth as an alternative.

This was recorded with six trumpet parts and the additional parts (7-8) were recorded on flugel horns for added color. Eight trumpets will also work, or four trumpets, four cornet or three cornet and five trumpets or one trumpet, 7 flugel or three trumpet, two flugel, five trumpets, one flugel or…….

Whatever grooves yah!


Listen to the example-


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