Mambo Influenciado- 12 Trumpets (Tpts 1-4, Cornets  5-8, Flugels 9-12) w/piano, guitar,bass, drums.

Composer- Chucho Valdes /arr.Chidester

Length- 3:01

Difficulty- M

Range-  MD- Trumpet 1 only all others M

Endurance- M

Finger technique- M

Counting ability- M

Ensemble difficulty- M


This was done for one of our good friends in education who has been at the cutting edge of the trumpet movement for years. Thanks for all your work in promoting trumpet awareness around the world.


I wrote this to demonstrate the versatility of the trumpet family of instruments and for that reason this arrangement makes use of three related trumpet instruments; Trumpets in choir one on the left in the recording, a Flugel section placed in the center and Cornets open and in mutes in choir 3 positioned in the right of the recording.


I must admit that the rhythm section was “borrowed” from an unidentified midi sequencer who did a remarkable job on this tune. I will take claim to the horn parts though.


For those who are blessed with an ensemble this size, be sure to pick this one up for your ensemble will get a “boot” running this down the first time and every time.

Listen to recorded example-


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