Kyrie, Gott Vater in Ewigkeit- Trumpet Quintet

Instrumentation- Five trumpets
Composer- Bach
Length- 2:09
Difficulty- M-D
Range – Low G to Ab above staff
Endurance- 2-3
Finger technique- 2-3
Counting ability- 3
Ensemble difficulty- 3

You might wonder why I have listed so many #3’s in the areas above. This piece is not difficult unless you get lost. If that happens, it’s all over. With so many contrapuntal lines going on, you would have a very difficult time getting back in again. With that said, I think that this is a beautiful study in counterpoint.

Listen to the sample Kyrie, Gott Vater in Ewigkeit
View 2nd trumpet part Kyrie, Gott Vater in Ewigkeit