Jingle Bell Rock Fantasy- Trumpet Quartet

Instrumentation-Trumpet Quartet
Composer- Beal/arr.Chidester
Length- 4:31
Difficulty- D
Range – Low A to B just above staff
Endurance- M
Finger technique- M
Counting ability- M
Ensemble difficulty- M+

This would be considered a Christmas concert piece for it will require rehearsing and even a pro group would have problems sight reading it for there are several tempo considerations. Each part is not difficult but putting it together might be an issue without some rehearsal time.

There is an interesting counter melody running through most of the piece and this material was used as the fugal subject for a three voice fuge in the middle. There is also a duet of trumpets; one playing Jingle Bell rock and the other playing Jingle Bells.
This should be a crowd pleaser for the many modulations keep the listener attentive.

Listen to sample- Jingle Bell Rock- score

View first page of score- Jingle Bell Rock- first page of score