It Is Well With My Soul- Trumpet Solo/Duet/Trio w/Organ

Composer- Philip Bliss/arr..Chidester
Difficulty- M
Length- 4:18
Range- Low G# to High B
Endurance- M
Finger technique- ME
Counting ability- ME
Ensemble difficulty- M

This is a must for any organist or trumpet player who wants a powerful crowd pleaser. It starts softly and builds to an implied ending and continues to a very big ending. Each player will enjoy playing their part for each is written in a complete melodic way to give it a smooth, flowing feel. This is another in our series of Trumpet solo/ duet/ trio w/organ. It is complete as a solo, duet or trio which makes it very flexible. I have included below the recording as a solo, a duet or as a trio so that you can fully appreciate the adaptability of these arrangements.

The Organ Track is NOT included with this arrangement.

Listen sample here-

Trumpet solo- It Is Well With My Soul- Solo

Trumpet Duet- It Is Well With My Soul- Duet

Trumpet Trio- It Is Well With My Soul- Trio

View First page of score- It Is Well With My Soul- First Page of Score