Imagine- Trumpet Solo w/acc.Tracks

Composer- Lennon./arr.Chidester
Length- 3:42
Difficulty- E
Range- A just above staff
Endurance- ME
Finger technique- VE
Counting ability- E
Ensemble difficulty- E

The Internet has listed this number as one of the “top two favorite songs of all time”. The melody in the solo part is very easy and playing along with the Solo Track is also very easy. There’s nothing like performing with an orchestra backing you. Included in your order will be the solo part for Bb,C,Eb, and Bass Clef instruments and an MP3 recording to back your playing.

Whether you intend to play this in your own home or on a stage, you’ll love this one.

We have included the following solo parts for more than just a trumpet;

Solo parts included-

Bb instruments
C instruments
Eb instruments
F instruments
Bass Clef instruments

Listen sample here-

View first page of score- Imagine- First page of Score

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