Horn Man Blues- Dixieland Band (Tpt., Clr., Tbn., Guitar, Vocal, Piano, Bass, Drums, Score)

Composer- Dr. White-trans./arr..Chidester

Length- 6:50

Difficulty- M

Range- M

Endurance- M

Finger technique- M

Counting ability- M

Ensemble difficulty-M


If you are searching for a specialty number from way down in New Orleans, this should be checked out. The vocal is mostly spoken and the horns are there to support the singer. Each of the horns are introduced and featured which makes for an interesting program. The vocal part, due to the fact that it is spoken was replaced by a solo, muted trumpet in order to give you an idea as to how the voice was used.


The lyrics for this tune are very suggestive and before you buy this arrangement, you might want to check out the song on YouTube first. The vocal part can be substituted with a horn as in the case of our recording.


This was another number requested by our friends in the NOLA Jazz Band from Des Moines, Iowa. If you get a chance to hear this group, be sure to do so for it is one of those talented ensembles preserving the traditional music found in New Orleans.




Listen to the example-


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