Gavotte from Six Pieces- – Brass Quintet (Tpts. 1,2, Horn, Trombone, Tuba)

Composer- Lully/ trans.Chidester
Length- 2:35
Difficulty- M
Range- ME
Endurance- M
Finger technique- M
Counting ability- M
Ensemble difficulty- M

This number required a major overhaul.

The key was raised to work better on the low brass and because the trumpets were already up there, I was able to lower them an octave which made their parts much more comfortable. The original melody was played by one musician so I split the trumpet parts so endurance is not a problem. Bringing all of the horns closer together improved this composition a great amount.

The original had no areas to take breaths so I skillfully added rest to give the players time to take in air.

The “official” tempo for this piece is listed at 66 BPM which you can use or follow my suggestion which is 102 BPM and make this a fantastic entry processional for a wedding.

I can’t think of a better number for a church gig or Solo Ensemble contest.

Listen to example-
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