“Free Arrangement Contest”

Due to the fact that I have been regularly posting arrangements on our site for the past 13 years (ugh) I, from time to time, run out of ideas to work on.

I am offering a contest to my friends which should both generate inspirations for me as well as fill request from my supporters.

Below are the rules for this contest.

Rule 1. Any song/tune/style/instrumentation/number of players and difficulty can be entered.

Rule 2. Only one suggestion can be submitted at a time. Suggest as many as you wish, but each has to be submitted individually.

Rule 3. You do not have to be a customer of ours to win. This is open to all.

With your entry, include the following-

B.Name of composition
C.Difficulty (difficult, moderate, easy)
D.Style (Latin, swing, dixieland, ballade, polka ect.)
E.And any suggestion you would like to have included

This contest will start Monday (7/6/20) and conclude Monday of the following week (7/12/20)

To submit your entry, just click on the “Contact Us” option button at the top of the page and share your suggestion. In the title box include this statement-

“Free Arrangement Contest”

The final decision will be made by me and the best 5 (five) entries will receive one free arrangement of their winning submission.

This is a good time for you to add to your library and help me get some new and requested numbers on our site.