Fanfare- Three trumpets /w snare

Instrumentation- Trumpet trio fanfare /w Snare
Composer- Josef Suk
Length- 1:01
Difficulty- D-M
Range – D- M
Endurance- M-M
Finger technique- M+
Counting ability- M+
Ensemble difficulty- M+

Don’t be confused by my rating system on this one for there are actually two versions of this same fanfare. The first is in the original key and goes up to a high C on the first trumpet part. The second version is transposed down a fourth and should not be a problem for your younger players. The snare drum part although effective, can be left out. By offering two different keys, I wanted to make this wonderful fanfare available to both the advanced as well as the younger players. Due to the extra amount of time and effort to accomplish this, I decided to “DOUBLE” the normal cost of our fanfares to the exorbitant amount of $2.00. I hope this is not an inconvenience to anyone.

Listen to sample- Fanfare

View first page of score- Fanfare- First page of Score