Elegie- Trumpet Solo (Bb & C parts)w/Piano/Solo Track

Composer- Louis Albrecht/trans.Chidester

Length- 5:36

Difficulty- D

Range- D (high D in Bb part)

Endurance- D

Finger technique- MD

Counting ability- MD

Ensemble difficulty- MD


This began as a cello solo and with selective surgery; I rendered it a trumpet solo.

Your purchase includes a Solo for Bb trumpet as well as one for C Trumpet. It also includes the piano accompaniment and an Mp3 recording of the piano part for practicing or for a performance.

If you have become tired of the same old solos, this will surely put some new blood into your program.

Please excuse the several missed notes but I just got back from a “no horn” vacation and as you know all my recordings are “first takes”.


Listen to the example-


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