Down In The Shadows Of New Orleans- Full Dixieland Band (Clar/Tpt/Trb/Dr/Gtr/Bass/Piano/Vocal/Score)

Instrumentation- Dixieland band (Clar/Tpt/Trb/Dr/Gtr/Bass/Piano)

Composer- Chidester

Length- 5:29

Difficulty- M

Range – M

Endurance- ME

Finger technique- ME

Counting ability- E

Ensemble difficulty- M



I seldom have free time to write original songs and for that reason I enjoyed doing this one. I wanted a dark sounding song about the secret world of voodoo in New Orleans and the lyrics I wrote tells the story well. The vocal carries most of the load and the trumpet player has ample opportunities to play. All of the trumpet solos are written out and should not cause any problems, even for a younger player. This song was especially written for a fine Dixieland Band in Des Moines, Iowa


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