Brass Quintet Warm-Up, Intonation Study and Key Exercises (Trumpets 1-2, Horn, Trombone. Tuba)

Composer- Chidester

Length- 3:28/ 6:56 with repeats

Difficulty- ME

Range- ME

Endurance- VE

Finger technique- ME

Counting ability- ME

Ensemble difficulty- ME


I wrote this collection of short (4-16 measure) melodies for use as a warm-up, intonation exercise and as melodic studies in all 12 major keys. They were written for any brass quintet to use as a warm-up before a concert or rehearsal. They were also written to check the ensembles intonation as well as learn easy and melodic pieces in all of the 12 major key signatures.

I remembered the many hours we in the faculty brass quintet spent warming up before rehearsals and from this very productive routine; I came up with the idea for this collection.

No matter if you are a member of a student quintet or a professional ensemble, you will quickly understand the value of these short yet helpful melodies.

This collection was written for the typical Brass Quintet instrumentation- 2 Bb trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba


Listen to the example-




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