Blue Christmas- Trumpet Trio w/opt. Piano and Percussion

Composer- Trumpets In Concert
Length- 03:08
Difficulty- E
Range- E
Endurance- E
Finger technique- E
Counting ability- E
Ensemble difficulty- E

I first found out about the ensemble “Trumpets in Concert” last week and posted their video of their performance in Vienna on my other site

The response was great and several asked if they could get the arrangement. So, here it is. Everything in the arrangement is as it is in the video but there is no guarantee that your group will sound as good as this talented ensemble. I am amazed at the quality of their live performance. The hall in which they recorded must be spectacular to play in.

If their style of music seems to be familiar to you, it did to me also. Bert Kaempfert
used the same smooth arrangement style in his recordings. The only thing missing is the picked electric bass part.

This style of writing will be enjoyed by your listeners for thist is as comforting a Christmas tune as you will find.

Parts include Trumpet 1, 2, 3, Piano and Percussion.

Listen to sample here- Blue Christmas Score

View first page of score- Blue Christmas First Page of Score

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