Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba- Trumpet Quartet w/Bass

Composer- Handel/trans.Chidester
Length- 03:02
Difficulty- ME
Range – Low G to High C
Endurance- ME
Finger technique- M
Counting ability- E
Ensemble difficulty- ME

This piece has been heavily edited to make the constant runs more available to the younger player. Each player has an equal amount of 16th note runes and by spreading the work load over four parts, this number could be played for a wedding or even a graduation ceremony.

I have taken the liberty to write an introduction for the way it was originally composed, I thought the first entrance was a bit abrupt.

The Bass part is optional.

Listen to sample- Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba- Score

View second page of score- Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba- Second page of Score

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