“Let It Snow, Let It Snow, and so forth”- Trumpet Duet

Free Trumpet Sheet Music- “Let It Snow”  Solo/Duet with Tracks

Composer- Jule Styne /trans.Chidester

Length- 2:30

Difficulty- VE

Range- E

Endurance- VE

Finger technique- VE

Counting ability- VE

Ensemble difficulty- VE


From time to time I offer duets which are geared to the younger players and are popular with the parent/grandparent players who want something to use with their child or grandchild.


If you think this to be in the style of Lawrence Welk, you are correct. This was the first show I played when moving to Branson and I enjoyed it very much. When I was in high school, I told my mother-in-law that one day I would like to play with the Welk group and it came true.


Listen to the example-


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