Napoli- Cornet Solo W/ 2 Cornets & Piano

Instrumentation- Cornet Solo/w two Cornets and Piano
Composer- Bellstedt/arr.Chidester
Length- 4:21
Difficulty- VD+
Range – Low G to high C
Endurance- 3+
Finger technique- 3+
Counting ability- 3+
Ensemble difficulty- 3+

No, I didn’t get this one on the first take! I really had to spend some time on this one but it was worth it. The second and third cornet parts are easy and I think add a lot to the performance. I love the cornet and plan to add as many arrangements as I can for the art and interest in cornet playing and literature need to be improved. The cornet is in no way a beginner’s instrument and the more we can promote it, the better people will understand its value. The piano score is “16 pages” alone.

Listen to sample- Napoli
View first page of piano score- Napoli first page of score

Arrangement: $10.00

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