Great Is Thy Faithfulness- Trumpet Solo, Duet, Trio with Piano-Organ Track

Composer- Runyan/ arr. Chidester
Difficulty- ME
Length- 3:57
Range- Low G to G just above staff (optional B)
Endurance- ME
Finger technique- E
Counting ability- E
Ensemble difficulty- ME

This is another in our series of the most popular hymns for solo trumpet/ duet/ or trio/ with Organ recording for practice or performances. This arrangement was first written as a complete trumpet solo with Organ, then as a duet and finally as a trio. No matter the number of trumpet players, you will be covered.

These versatile arrangements have become very popular and could fill your needs for solo, duet or trio playing in Church.

Listen sample here- Great Is Thy Faithfulness

View First page of score- Great Is Thy Faithfulness- First Page of Score

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2 Comments on "Great Is Thy Faithfulness- Trumpet Solo, Duet, Trio with Piano-Organ Track"

  • David Seeley

    I just purchased Great Is Thy Faithfulness Trumpet music, however I received no download, nor a link to receive my purchase. Please advise ASAP

  • Bruce Chidester

    I got your request a few minutes ago and have sent your request.

    Thank you for your support and the very best to you and yours from the Branson Trumpet Ensemble

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