Gold Fever Galop- Trumpet Quartet

Instrumentation- Four trumpets
Composer- Schulhoff
Length- 1:24
Difficulty- D
Range – Low A to high C or D (optional)
Endurance- 2
Finger technique- 3
Counting ability- 2
Ensemble difficulty- 3

You have to have the horses to do this one or someone might get hurt. You will need two real players to pull this one off. This is a wonderful show-case number written around 1850.

Listen to the sample Gold Fever Galop
View 1st trumpet part Gold Fever Galop

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2 Comments on "Gold Fever Galop- Trumpet Quartet"

  • Bob Smither

    As a retired military musician I am a big fan of good marches. I really like this arrangement. Being able to view a part and listen to a sample is a huge plus for this site! I also like the various descriptions including difficulty ratings and overall range. it enables me to make a better decision. Great site!

  • admi

    Thanks for your comment and your chart will be in the mail at once (12 noon)

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