Free Trumpet Ensemble- Addams Family Theme- Trumpet Quartet

Instrumentation- Trumpet quartet
Composer- Mizzy/arr.Chidester
Length- 1:56
Difficulty- E
Range – Low G to G just above staff
Endurance- 2-
Finger technique- 2
Counting ability- 2
Ensemble difficulty- 2

If I were asked what redeeming qualities this arrangement possesses, I would be at a loss to come up with one. I do think this number could be used to entertain the younger set and in order to perform this well, each player must count their own part. Who knows? Someone might have a program where this would work well. Who knows what lurks in the minds of men/women? You may find a use for this silly, little piece.

We are making this month’s free trumpet ensemble arrangement available and all I ask is for you to visit our Face Book Page at…

and register an “I LIKE”. If we have enough responses to this request, we will continue our monthly free arrangements.

Listen to sample- Addams Family Theme

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