Free Trumpet Sheet Music- Ode To Joy (Two Trumpet Descant)

Instrumentation- Two Trumpet Descant
Composer- Beethoven/arr.Chidester
Length- 1:26
Difficulty- M
Range – G in staff to A above staff (concert pitch)
Endurance- 1
Finger technique- 1
Counting ability- 1
Ensemble difficulty- 1

Someone requested a trumpet descant to be played with Ode To Joy so here it is. I would have had it posted sooner but this is my wife’s and my 47th anniversary and there are more important things in life than music! The request asked for one trumpet descant but I thought I would write it for two trumpets. If you only have one player, “read between the lines”.

Listen to sample- Ode To Joy Two Trumpet Descant

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7 Comments on "Free Trumpet Sheet Music- Ode To Joy (Two Trumpet Descant)"

  • takeru

    I like it

  • Kar

    That was Ode to Joy?

  • Bruce Chidester

    Those are two descants, not the melody.

  • Riley Suter

    This is exactly what I have been looking for!

  • Bruce Chidester

    Great! Then we both had a wonderful day.:)

  • Erin Blackwood

    Hi! Wondering how I can get this music? Thanks!

  • Bruce Chidester

    Once you have made your selection and filled out the order, you will be given information where you can download your material at that time to your desktop or folders.

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