Don’t Cry Out Loud- Trumpet Choir (Solo Tpt.1,2,3,4, Flugel 1,2,3 /w Bass)

Composer- Peter Allen/arr.Chidester
Difficulty- Ensemble M / Solo M+
Length- 4:19
Range- Low G to high Bb
Endurance- M
Finger technique- M
Counting ability- M
Ensemble difficulty- M

The was a big hit for Melissa Manchester and also works well for a trumpet choir. The ensemble parts are very easy and some of the repeated sections in the second and third trumpet parts alternate to give then a break. The Flugel parts are mostly constant but I have them in the easiest register. All of the extra solo licks are written in so even a younger player can sound like a pro. The solo part requires a little more ability than the ensemble parts.

I put an interesting choral at the end to break the ground bass feel.

This can be performed without the bass part.

Listen sample here- Don’t Cry Out Loud

View First page of Solo- Don’t Cry Out Loud- First page Trumpet Solo

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