Christ the Lord Has Risen Today- Trumpet Quintet

Instrumentation- Trumpet quartet (4th part optional)
Composer- Davidica
Length- 4:06
Difficulty- M
Range – Low A to Bb just above staff (Bb trumpets)
Endurance- 2
Finger technique- 2
Counting ability- 2
Ensemble difficulty-2+

This is not your usual Easter version. The first half of the arrangement features the trumpets and the organ servers a supportive roll. When the congregation is to sing, the organ leads and the trumpets play an “in and out” roll to the end. Each of the upper three players take turns at the melody and the fourth part is there for support. This arrangement can be performed equally well with three or four players. The modulation into the last verse is so strong that even the most tone deaf, tin eared singer in your church can understand. I wrote this version with the intent to give the congregation a mini concert before the hymn is to be sung and I feel that it works well. Give yourself a break this Easter and perform something new, not just what the organist has in the library. You and everyone in your church will be praising this arrangement Easter morning, as well as the real reason you are there.

Listen to the sample Christ the Lord Has Risen Today
View first page of score Christ the Lord Has Risen Today- 1st page of score

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2 Comments on "Christ the Lord Has Risen Today- Trumpet Quintet"

  • George Sheldon

    I found the score for Christ the Lord Has Risen Today. I looked at the first page of the score, and it said “Christ the Lord Is Risen Today” – Davidica arr. Chidester, and it had 4 trumpets and an organ. However that is the score I actually wanted. So I ordered it. However, when I downloaded it, I got “Christ the Lord Is Risent Today; Alleluia!” – Robert Williams arr. Chidester. How can I get the score that I actually want? I want the score written by Davidica arr. Chidester, with the 4 trumpets and an organ. Please let me know how to purchase that score. Thank you.

  • Bruce Chidester

    I’ll get right back to you with the correct score.

    Thanks for letting me know.

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