Burnin’ The Iceberg- Full Dixieland Band

Instrumentation- Dixieland band (Clar/Tpt/Trb/Dr/Gtr/Bass/Piano)
Composer- Jelly Roll Morton/arr.Chidester
Length- 3:31
Difficulty- M
Range – M
Endurance- 2
Finger technique- 2
Counting ability- 2
Ensemble difficulty- 2

This is #2 in our series of Dixieland Band arrangements and it was also requested. Each of these arrangements is similar but not copied from the original recordings to keep the authenticity of the original but I have added a few tricks just to keep the audience’s attention. Case in point is the smooth transition from “Burnin’ The Iceberg” to the Tom Jones “Delilah”, “Love Oh Love, Oh Careless Love” and finally “She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain”. That will get you your next return job for features like that will set your band apart from the usual “Oh, we’ll just fake it” bands. Start your collection now for if the interest continues, we might be able to bring Dixieland back.

Listen to sample- Burning the Iceburg

View second page of score- Burnin’ The Iceberg- Page 2 of score

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