Begin the Beguine- Trumpet Quartet

Instrumentation- Trumpet quartet
Composer- Porter/arr.Chidester
Length- 3:03
Difficulty- MD
Range – Low A to G# just above staff
Endurance- 2
Finger technique- 3
Counting ability- 3
Ensemble difficulty- 3

I’m sure you have not heard an arrangement of this standard done like this before. The melody is extremely simple and the short counterpoint is very difficult with intervals of fourths and fifths running through it. The first key is easy but after the modulation you get into some difficult fingerings. Towards the end I have a strict cannon between two parts and short motives introduced in the other parts. The use of a cup mute at the beginning gives it a light and comical feel. This will require some rehearsals to get the feel of the piece. I would say for a serious program, it would be worth the time spent. Your best player should be on the first part.

Listen to sample- Begin the Beguine

View score- Begin the Beguine next to last page of score

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