American Bandstand- Trumpet Quartet

Instrumentation- Trumpet Quartet
Composer- Albertine / arr.Chidester
Length- 2:22
Difficulty- M+
Range – Low G to high C
Endurance- M
Finger technique- M
Counting ability- M_
Ensemble difficulty- M+

Through most of my life I have played big band swing tunes. None impressed me more than Charles Albertine’s composition “American Bandstand”. Every tune from the swing period incorporates the usual repeated rhythm pattern which even the least knowledgeable can remember and snap their fingers to the wrong beats. What makes this tune so important to me is the fact that most listeners remember it as the opening number to one of the most popular rock shows on television. Most forget that Rock came from Rhythm and Blues and many of the swing band characteristics came from R&B and Rock came from early big band music. Even the early terms in Rock came from the Bee Bop era. The early rockers constantly used words such as “Hey Man”, “Cool”, “Hip” and “I Dig It “.

Even though most remember the Barry Manilow version of American Bandstand, it’s predecessor was recorded by the great Less Elgart Big Band which is still performing. I had the pleasure of playing a concert with this band a couple of years ago and was fortunate enough to have played the original arrangement which was used on the American Bandstand show. This might be the reason I am so fond of this tune.

I would strongly recommend this arrangement for everything in it works. The range is perfect for most players, the amount of playing and resting has been worked into the chart as well as a wonderful contrast among the sections. The pyramid section just before the shout chorus builds excitement and introduces a great three trumpet soli section.

As you can tell, I like the number and am very happy with the arrangement. If you have a trumpet quartet, you deserve to play this one.

Listen to sample- American Bandstand

View first page of score- American Bandstand- First page of score

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